About US

TEJA Technical Training Institute is a FANUC Certified CNC Training Institute. It offers FANUC CNC and Robotic Program for students and professionals all over India. Our courses are designed to impart practical skills which are a necessity in the industry which enables them to explore opportunities. With mastery of CNC Programming, you'll be able to work for engineering, manufacturing and other companies like:

CNC helping hands
CNC operators
CNC Tool Setters
CNC programmers
CAD-CAM system programmers

CNC service technicians working for companies that sell CNC machines
CNC applications engineers
CNC school trainers
CNC instructors... and many other jobs associated with CNC Programming

At Teja Technical Training Institute, we provide further training and understanding of the FANUC products for your engineers, technicians and operators. Go to the tab "Training Courses“to see a list of available courses and what they entail, or contact us directly for further enquiries.

Why Teja Technical Training Institute ?

FANUC Certified Instructors
FANUC Approved Curriculum
Hands on training with FANUC CNC and Robotics equipment’s
Exposure with industry experts to gain more knowledge with FANUC
Placement Assistance

Value of FANUC Certification

FANUC validated certificates will provide the necessary credibility and edge to students for excelling in the competitive industry

Training Methodology and Curriculum

Students are taught CNC programming by first using FANUC NCGuide simulation software on a PC for the most extensive hands-on experience. Then, theadvanced CNC Practical Simulator, equipped with a FANUC Series 0i-Mate MODEL D CNC, allows students to complete the practical programming experience.Students are qualified throughout the entire education process enrollment application, testing during courses, final comprehensive and certification exams. This not only ensures that the students grasp the concepts but also ensures the competency of the qualified students.

After the program students can

Effectively read and interpret blueprints
Develop the required process for the blueprint
Determine machine coordinate values
Develop CNC code
Test the NC programs
QC the part and implement the part into production

Training in the future of Machine Shops : Automation

With widespread shortage of skilled workers, the requirement of future machinists has increased. A new employee needs to be productive right out of the gate with knowledge of modern CNC technology that is dominant in the market today.